©Carl Webb 2017

©Carl Webb 2017


How long have you been doing this and how did you get started? 

I've been creating art since I was a young child. I was born in England, and my first art teacher was very inspirational and encouraging. I lived near a museum that had Egyptian art that fascinated me. The area I grew up in was multi-cultural, so it has always been natural for me to embrace different cultures. At sixteen, my family and I moved to America where I later attended art school in Cleveland, Ohio. I would visit the Cleveland Museum of Art almost every day to look at the various collections. I was more interested in painting, but I was inspired by a friend who suggested I make ceramic masks and it came natural to me. 

How did you learn the craft?
In regards to ceramics, I'm primarily self-taught. I also did research and studied different cultures. 

How has your work and technique evolved over time? 
With steady practice and discipline, my work has evolved and I have begun to establish an individual style. As you learn, forms change. At first, they start out more crude, but they become refined as you learn. It's very intuitive. 

What are your current focuses or themes?
My current focus is to continue to evolve and maintain awareness of what is going on around me. I try to stay connected on a global conscious and find a common thread between different cultures. 

How do you source your materials?
I use found objects and natural material as much as possible. When I find something, it's like it's destined to be and there is synchronicity. I also have an interest in old beads from around the world that I like to incorporate into my work. 

How does living here in Panama City, Florida influence your work? 
I was born in England and relocated to Cleveland, Ohio, then came to Panama City. The nature and natural history of Panama City, as well as the climate, has influenced my work.

At what point were you inspired to share your skills with others?
Introducing masks to inner city school students and private lessons has always been rewarding. I look forward to doing more instruction in the future when the opportunity presents itself. I am always willing to share my experience with those who have an appreciation to learn.


©Carl Webb 2017

©Carl Webb 2017

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©Carl Webb 2017