Artist Trent Dion Soto sacrifices his safety and sanity as he lives for 30 days on LA’s notorious Skid Row. On his 44th birthday, artist Trent Dion Soto voluntarily joined the homeless population, on L.A.’s notorious Skid Row for 30 days in an attempt to foster positive change upon the community. Trent’s goal was total immersion, as he wanted to live as they did, with zero outside assistance. To accomplish this, Trent only brought basic toiletries, art supplies and his trusty GoPro camera, to capture the experience. Through Trent’s eyes, and personal interactions, you will experience, first-hand, the cheers, tears, struggles and dangers of the homeless epidemic via this raw, emotional expose.

Trent Dion Soto is a free-lance artist who, for the last 25 years, has worked in the entertainment industry. His various forms of artistic expression have appeared in film, television, music videos, album art, print ads, concerts and theatrical productions. On-set, he has served as Production Designer, Art Director and Prop-Master. Trent also uses his art as a form of therapy, serving as a volunteer teacher for troubled youth, veterans and addicts – introducing them to the power of art as a positive emotional outlet. Among The Discarded marks Trent’s directorial debut as a Documentary Filmmaker.



Among the Discarded Film Screening


Saturday April 23, at 7 PM

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